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Finding your Qua thru Story Painting

September 30, 2017

My most recent Story Painting "Witch Way".  


All of us are slowly trying to return to "normal" after the storms here in Florida. I am grateful for beginning to feel normal again as so many of us are still recovering from the devastation left behind.  The stress of an interrupted life can be hard to bounce back from.  


In a effort to find my artistic qua again I sometimes indulge in "Story Painting". This is my theraputic way back to qua... It helps me to feel productive and lets me take that important first step of putting paint on canvas again when I'm feeling stressed or blocked.  


What does Story Painting look like?  For me it looks like my Whimsical Paintings.  Sometimes its called Folk Art, or Kitsch Art .


When I was making portraits professionally the stress sometimes got to me (a lot) so I would pull out a canvas, put it on the floor and paint whatever comes to mind...mostly stories about my cats and what I imagine they do after everyone is asleep.  

This story needed a Book Store, so I gave it one...


Here are my unofficial rules for Story Painting... just suggestions to help get you started:


-Paint without reference photos.

-Let go of the need to make it a "work of art" and let the child in you out to play.

-Don't be invested in being artistic and enjoy the process.  

-Loose your expectations.

-Don't judge... 

-Enjoy the colors and shapes.  

-Let your mind wander.  

-Let the story painting tell you what it wants to be.

-Most of all HAVE FUN!




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