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My Amusing Muses

July 15, 2017

The one constant in my work space, be it in my studio or my kitchen table, are my two most loyal side kicks, my cat Huey and pup Cooper. They are an endless source of inspiration with their amusing antics and graceful postures.  


These two clowns help to keep things light.  They are my "go to" muses when I'm feeling stymied in my work.  


The picture above is of Huey, I wanted to capture that "look".  He was such a handsome baby!  He's all grown up now and the subject of many of my Lino cut prints.


The picture below is of Cooper.   He was the perfect subject when I wanted to practice rendering hair in pencil.  

They instinctively know when I need to take a break.  Cooper will see to it that I get up to take a walk at least twice a day.  


Huey will just sit on my projects when he feels that I've been working too long...or he just hide my tools.  

Many things inspire me but my pets are my "go to" sources of inspiration when I'm feeling stuck.   Who or what serves as your Muse?  





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