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Growing your Artistic Arsenal

July 8, 2017

I dream about painting in broad confident strokes.  I mean that literally...I dream about it in my sleep. But in my dreams the painting always turns out better than it does in real life.  


When I sit down to work, I get caught up in the details, failing to trust myself to make those large bold strokes I imagine myself doing.  But I persist in my effort to learn new skills in order to stretch my boundaries.   This requires me to move out of my comfort zone.  


This is why I'm taking a fast and loose painting class in watercolor.  Watercolor painting in this method is the furthest thing from my controlled way of painting and drawing. I confess, I am a novice watercolorist.  I just purchased my first set of watercolor paints this week.

Pictured above is the result of my first ever watercolor class with award winning artist Kathy Durdin.  She is well known for her expressive watercolor portraits.  



I'm excited to learn something new that takes me out of my comfort zone. Taking classes from other accomplished artists is always a good way to expand your knowledge and artistic practice.  It is my goal to take away what I learn in this class and add to my arsenal of skills.  


Individual artistic expression may be conveyed in many ways, using broad strokes of written ideas on paper, or paint on canvas.   How we make art...the entire process from beginning to end...is unique to each of us, and as diverse as our fingerprints. Writing, drawing, painting, and other forms of creative expression are, simply put, our own to develop.  


As for me, I plan to continue to develop my skills, both inside and outside of my comfort zone.  This means some hard work and the willingness to grow forward fearlessly! 





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