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Zen in Motion, Painting While Parenting.

July 1, 2017


"Girl in Pink Bow" is my most recent work.  I started this painting months ago, but had to stop working on it when life got in the way... 


Summer was just beginning when my 2 year old grandson came to stay with us for a while.  It's taken some time, but we are finally settling into a routine that has, by necessity, caused me to re-think how I use my time and energy.  Subsequently, I'm quickly learning how to work in chaos and let go of the little things.  


As inspiration never seems to arrive at a convenient time, I sometimes find myself trying work with the little one playing in near by.  One of the adjustments I've found to be very beneficial is when the little fellow is home and awake, I'll work on my social sites - since I find it far easier to write than to paint when he's around.  For me, painting demands too much focused attention that cannot be spared while taking care of my little guy.  


I didn't have this ability when my now-adult children were young.  I guess it's something you can learn, but mostly something that you plan for.  Maintaining a balance between work and play is essential, but being able to continue to create while adapting to changing conditions in your life is equally important.  This way you won't feel guilty when you are letting a project sit a bit longer, until the little ones are asleep or with a sitter.  


Some moms are real Zen Masters when it comes to working when their babies are home, but as for me, I'm still a "Grasshopper".  My chatty little Buddha is teaching me Zen in Motion, and it's a crash course...




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