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"Drawn and Quartered" Lessons in Drawing...

June 24, 2017

The image above of Josh was transferred to the carving block by tracing.


Art has the power to move people...and I believe that making art has the power to heal.  But making art has the power to frustrate as well.  


Learning to draw can be a torturous experience for the artist just starting out on their artistic journey.  It is thought by most non-artists, and many novice artists, that if you are not extremely proficient at rendering directly from eye to paper that you are not a "good"artist.  It takes skill and patience to go from outline to a finished piece, and the finished work should never be undervalued. 

Listed are several methods used by experienced artists to transfer images onto paper or canvas.  Use these methods for expediency as well as accuracy:


-One of the oldest methods of transferring an image to your canvas or paper is the grid method. This tried and true method has been used by many artist from medieval times to now.   Used by some of the most famous artists of all time, if it's good enough for Leonardo then it's good enough for me!


-Another method used by artists to transfer an image is by projection. The "LUCY Drawing Tool" is a popular artist projector used specifically for transferring your image to paper or canvas.  


 -Artist also use a light table for tracing as well as tracing paper.


-Today's artist are also using computer technology to compose and transfer art to the canvas for finishing work.  


Even if your skills are not where you aspire them to be, rest assured, working on your art will help train your eye to measure and improve.  


It is my opinion that creating art is so much more than merely rendering or recreating an image accurately.  For some it can be an act of faith and an exercise in inner dialogue.  


Being Drawn and Quartered may just mean you are using the grid system...if you're talking to an artist.

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