• Gina Stark

Using Speedball Speedy-Carve for the first time

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I'm using Speedball Speedy-Carve for the first time. Since I've never cut on this brand of block before, I'm going to share my first impression of it with you.

The first thing I loved about this block is that it takes pencil sketch transfers beautifully!

This is a big plus for me. The image transfers as a mirror image of your drawing. This is an advantage if you are cutting letters and numbers as they will print correctly.

The Speedy-Carve is also very easy to carve, and is easy on my hands and tools as well.

Speedy-Carve is great for printing without a press and would print on fabric fabulously..

On the con side, Speedy-Carve is more expensive than traditional gray Lino block.

Another challenge is since Speedy-Carve cuts so easily, I felt that it was a bit harder to control. There is very little resistance to slow you down while you are cutting. Also, I had to remember to make complete cuts while carving since the the cuts won't "snap off" like traditional Lino does, but may tear instead. However, as soft blocks go, this one does have more body than others I've tried.

I really liked working with Speed Ball Speedy-Carve and plan to buy it again.

Have you tried SpeedBall Speedy-Carve? What was your impression?

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