• Gina Stark

- The Rewards of Listening to Your Inner Artist -

This image was not planned at all. It started out as sketches for a simple reduction print landscape. As I worked through my designs, erasing this and adding that, I mentally worked through how I was going to print the colors and layers. I settled on an image idea and began to draw it out.

When I went to look for more paper to sketch on, I ran across an old sketch I made of a fox. I really liked this image but hadn't gotten around to using it yet.

I placed the image of fox over the sketch for the landscape, and my planned work turned into unplanned work. Picture a lightbulb right here! This is where I took a leap of faith and let the art tell me what it wanted to be.

As you can see from the completed work, the landscape evolved as well.

I ended up working this out "on the fly". Working like this may not always give you the results you expect, but that is where the fun and mystery of creation hide. As for me, the joy of creating happens more often when I listen to my inner artist and just do it!

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