• Gina Stark

Printmaking Rules- From a Shameless Rule Breaker

As an artist and a shameless rule breaker, I do whatever it takes to make the image bend to my will. This can mean using the wrong side of printing paper to get the texture I'm looking for, or embellishing my Lino prints with watercolor to add that "pop" the print needed. These are just a couple examples of how I use my block prints as a starting point and not an end product.

The prints "Mountain View" and "Lake Front Cabin" are an example of how prints evolve into something new.

The image "Mountain View" (above) started out as a black and white minimalist print. I expanded on the idea and added the color to create impact.

"Lake Front Cabin" was created with elements from "Mountain View" as a starting point, then I made changes to the composition to make this new image.

With a change of color scheme, some tweaks and the addition of flying birds, "Lake Front Cabin" takes on a whole new look.

I'm not done experimenting with these images, and will no doubt have more to share with you soon. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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