• Gina Stark

Printing on a shoestring

How I made a block register out of cardboard for a reduction print.

First I cut out two pieces of cardboard to make my register. I measured my cardboard pieces to the same size as the paper I would be printing on then added an inch to the size of the cardboard. Then drew lines on my cardboard to the size of my paper lining up the bottom right hand corner and side and drawing the left top corner and left hand side . Having a drawn corner on the top helps with registration. Now I am able to center my block on the register.

I taped my cardboard pieces together on the outside and inside to make a hinge being sure to line up the outer edges.

I added an exterior register mark on my cardboard to help keep my top and bottom pieces lined up while printing.

Then I centered my block in the area that the paper will cover. Using the actual block as a guide, I drew out where to cut with my straight edge, making an exact fit for the block. The block should fit the bottom opening snuggly so there is no wiggle room. The top opening can be slightly larger so you can reach the edges when printing.

I then made register marks to line up my paper.

Here you see the print lined up on the drawn corner and at the register marks.

Here are layers 1 and 2.

And the final image with more layers of color. I made a small series of these prints and all of them lined up pretty well!

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