• Gina Stark

One Plate Printed Landscape - Mountain Home

In my last landscape project I used the reduction print process to create space and separate colors in my whimsical landscape, "White Rabbit". For this landscape I decided to make a single plate print project. The challenge is to allude to space by stacking images and use patterns to separate the foreground and background.

I used a Blick Ready Cut Plate for this project. It is a soft rubbery plate that is easy to cut and easy on the hands. These plates make a very nice transfer when printing without a press due to the give of the rubber plate.

First I work out the design and patterns in the drawing stage.

Then I transfer it to my Lino and start the carve. This one took the better part of the day and into the evening. Once I get going time always seems to get away from me.

The finished cut is close but not exactly like the drawing. I never stick to the original plan but it's close.

I tried my initial prints in a couple of different shades of color and in the end decided to use both colors in the subsequent prints.

The first official pull of "Mountain Home".

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