• Gina Stark

My review of Speedball Speedy Cut Lino Block

Today I tried Speedball Speedy Cut. Here is what I liked about it and the challenges I encountered working with this block.

What I like is that it is soft and cuts very easily. My hands didn't get cramped in the process, yea! Because it is soft it's great for table top printing. The Ink transfers to the paper really well. You can get a nice solid print from this block. The block I purchased was 3/8 inch thick and can be cut on both sides. Your drawing will transfer easily to the block. It is also great for cutting stamps.

The challenges I found working with this block are as follows: Getting fine detail could be a challenge. Anything touching this block will make an impression. I made an adjustment to my initial drawing and the pencil marks are visible on the print.

A couple of tips for you if you have never worked with this block are: Be mindful to make complete cuts to prevent tears and unwanted impressions on the block. Do not draw directly on the block, it will leave a mark.

I'm sure with experience I can do better, but just be aware that there is a learning curve.

After I made my print I painted the it with watercolor to finish it off. All in all, I will definitely use Speedy Cut again. Practice makes perfect.

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