• Gina Stark

Mixing The Old With The New

Sometimes I wake up with an idea and have to act on it ASAP. That was how my new Image "Black Cat on Gold Rug" came about.

I had been reprinting some old Linos to refill my store inventory, when I came across my Black Cat Lino. It is one of my favorites. I've always wanted to make Huey (he is the model for this Lino) a rug Lino to lay him on, but I still hadn't gotten around to it. This weekend I decided to just do it. So I sat down, and planned out my work for a new rug Lino.

It started out as a starburst, as you can see by my initial sketch. But true to form, I changed my mind, and decided to create a hatch pattern with a fringe instead. The original shape for the rug was a circle, but the oval felt more natural.

Now that the rug design was worked out I had to figure out how I should print it. Do I layer the Lino prints, or make a "cut out" and piece them together like a puzzle? I decided against the "cut out" plan and I decided to layer my images.

The final result is "Black Cat on Gold Rug". First run, small batch of 4, signed and numbered prints, now available in my store. Thanks for visiting my Blog.

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