• Gina Stark

Making Paper - First Try

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We decided to try to make some paper from old documents we needed to discard. Before we started, Chris made a paper making frame and deckle out of 2 old stretchers and some screen.

1. To make the paper slurry we shredded old documents in a paper shredder and let it soak overnight in a tub.

2. We used a drill and paint mixer to further break up the paper to make a finer slurry.

3. Add a good amount of water to the paper slurry to ready it for pulling the paper.

4. Agitate the paper slurry and dip the mold in to pull a sheet of paper.

5. Let it drain off some water, then gently flip it onto your drying surface.

6. Use a sponge or other absorbent cloth the sop up as much water as possible before pulling the frame up. Tip: When drying on a non absorbent surface, you may need to blow along an edge of the frame to start the release of the paper from the screen.

7. Cover with an absorbent towel (be aware that the texture of the towel will transfer to the paper) and use an old rolling pin to squeeze out more water.

8. Let dry completely before using. You will need to flatten the paper under something heavy and like a pile of books once the sheets are completely dry.

Notes: We made the paper on a smooth surface so I could use them to print Lino cuts. This first batch of paper had a lumpy texture, deckled edge and thick body. This turned out to be perfect for watercolor and pastel work once sealed. I sealed it with clear gesso before I painted on it. I was also able to print on the paper that had a smooth side, and discovered that the finer the blending of the paper, the smoother the finish. Much better for Lino Printing!

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