• Gina Stark

Linocut Fail - I RUINED my latest Linocut, then fixed it.

I spent the past week trying to fix my latest Linocut fail. This one hurt because I really liked the way this latest print turned out. But true to my nature, I had to experiment with it and decided to cut it up so I could ink it using more than one color. I saw that other printmakers do this, and decided to try it out. What I didn't take into account was the type of Lino I was working with. It turns out that cutting up a Blick Battleship Gray Lino with a jute back is difficult to do. Once I started, and realized that it was a mistake, it was too late to turn back...I was committed. So I did my best, cutting as carefully as I could. Maybe someone with more skill can do a better job, however I did destroy most of the clean lines around the cat in the process.

Thankfully I was able to reassemble the Lino by mounting it to a piece of hard cardboard. I cleaned up some of the jagged lines that I created in this failed Lino surgery, and ended up with my Frankenstein Lino Block. It prints better than the pieced-out version, although I still have to touch up some edges I couldn't repair. While it's not as good as the original, it's the price I pay for the lesson I learned called "experience" and it is priceless!

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