• Gina Stark

Evolving With the Times

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Originally, I was a quick sketch portrait artist at Busch Gardens. This was my summer job as a high schooler and through college. The idea that I could make money by drawing was the beginning of my journey.

I took the quick sketch idea on the road. This was great, but I was limited to the show days and how many portraits I could draw in that time frame. I looked for a way to make my booth more lucrative. I decided to add my formal portrait paintings to my show booth. this helped add attention to my booth but added little to my profits.

I'm always looking for ways to grow as an artist. I decided to try a new style of work. I made some folk art paintings and made prints of the work for a craft show I was sketching at. This was a winner. I was able to sell my originals and prints at shows, in boutiques and online.

Eventually, the printer broke, trends changed, technology evolved and the online market flooded with artists. Such is life. I was over technology and wanted to slow down and do something that I didn't have to rely on expensive technology to make. Then a friend introduced me to Lino Block Printing. It is still new and exciting to me. I have so much to learn about this media. Block Printing art is hands on and real.

Maybe someday I'll do an art festival when the virus is over and make a full circle of it.

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