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Cat Kitty Cat - Everyone Needs a Studio Cat

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

A constant source of inspiration for me are my studio cats Huey and Stevie.

Huey is a black cat we rescued from the animal shelter. When we rescued him he was nothing but a small black dingy ball of terrified kitten. He hid behind a cabinet for almost two weeks before deciding that we were okay. He still likes to hide when strangers come over. As you can see, he grew into a beautiful adult cat.

Stevie is our Tuxedo Cat that once belonged to one of my boys. The cat stayed when the boys left. I'm not sure how Stevie knew that Chris would have the final word on if he stays or goes, but Stevie made it a point to be Chris's sidekick anytime we were in the yard. He totally won Chris over and we officially had another cat. Stevie is our outside yard cat and frequently leaves us presents.

Here are some photos and artwork I made of my dynamic duo.

TGIF. Have a great weekend everyone!

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