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Blocked like a Pro - Overcoming Artist Block

Ok, this should be called how I overcome artist block. Mostly because it may not work for everyone, but this is how I do it. By the way, I'm using this method to overcome bloggers block, so forgive me if this blog isn't too interesting, it's part of the process.

Professional artists or not, many of us get the idea that we we must make "capital A-R-T" every time we create something. Sometimes, it's hard to to let that idea go. That's when we run the risk of emptying our creative well and having the dreaded "Artist Block".

One way you can get over that mental hump is to "throw your hands in the air like you just don't care" and release your inner child.

The idea is to just "jump" in and make messy, bad, junk, art, writing, music, etc. Just put pen to paper, or in my case, Lino to paper, without a plan, without any preconceived ideas about how it should turn out or look. The idea is to get out of your own head and to get out of your own way. Don't try to make it "ART", and just create.

You may not end up with good art, or inspired art, but in the end, the wasted supplies are well worth it to jumpstart your creative flow.

So, here is what I ended up with when I let my inner child out to play.

I ended up with 8 mono-prints. Pictured here are 4 of the better ones. This work doesn't look like my typical work and that's ok. The Lino block I used is destroyed, and that's ok too. This process helped me to step out of my head and gain some perspective. It jumped started me for some more involved mini landscapes and bigger ideas that I am working on.

Our greatest resource is our inner child, we never know where he/she might lead us.

I hope this inspires you to get creating again. After all, it's just art.

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