• Gina Stark

A Non-Studio Tour

I don't have a formal art studio, and I don't think this is too uncommon. I may be wrong. When I say that my printing shop is a kitchen table affair, it literally is, done on my kitchen table top.

When I was asked about my "Art Studio" by a fellow artist, My reply was, "I do not have a studio, but art supplies are hidden all over the house".

I print at the kitchen table and leave my prints out to dry all over the house.

So here is a peek at one of the many cabinets I use to store my art supplies for "table top printing".

I have to confess that I do, indeed, have a dedicate room in which to work. I use it to store paintings and other supplies and to work on my computer when I need to get out of the buzz of people and pets in the house. But I get lonely up there. I fully prefer to work in the heart of the house, buzz and all.

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