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Gina and Chris Stark 







Welcome to Starlu Studio.  Thank you for visiting our site. Here is a little background about our work.


3 years ago Chris and I took a printmaking class taught by a friend and never stopped carving.  We both really love it. We found that although we can make really good art on our own, our collaborations seem to turn out so much richer. 

On this site you will find work created by one of us and collaboration work by both of us.  


Block printing has so many methods and traditions to explore.  The plan is to develop our craft and learn new ways to print as well as blend old and new ideas and traditions to create unique art.

You can purchase available work on my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/StarluStudio

"Bee", Lino on Geli Print/ Lino Stark Collaboration project


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